Many families have skeletons in their closet...we have pizza. We have decided to share our family's secret with your family! Enjoy!
  Plano, Texas' Chicago Connection

Our family recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, and you can taste the difference. Our pizza, pasta, and sandwiches are made from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients.
We prepare them the old world way following our authentic Italian cooking formula. Our taste is truly authentic and truly unique.

At Chicago's Finest Pizza we:

  • Make our dough fresh - everyday! Grate and blend our own mix of cheeses - everyday!
  • Use only fresh produce and prepare it by hand - everyday!
  • All of our sauces are made fresh, using only the finest ingredients from old family
    recipes - always!
  • All meats and sausages are special ordered to provide just the right taste - always!
  • We cook our pizzas and pastas the old fashioned way - no flash cooking - just the right amount of time and a lot of love - always!

We are located in Plano, Texas at 6150 Independence Parkway at Spring Creek Parkway. Feel free to stop in and order or call us at 972.618.6500.

What is Chicago Style?

Two Tales from one City.

Thin to win!
For native Chicagoans- there is nothing better than a thin crispy crust. Sauce on the bottom, ingredients in the middle, cheese on top and baked to a golden, freckled finish. The pizza is then cut into squares and is ready to be devoured.

Going Deep!
Chicago Style deep dish is the heartiest of all pizzas- so be sure to have a knife and fork handy. First the pan is sealed with our own special seasoned butter, and the dough laid carefully in the pan with the edges pulled up high. The ingredients are placed in reverse of our traditional thin crust with slices of mozzarella cheese placed on the dough. We then add the ingredients of your choice and top it all off with a hearty sauce that includes chunks of pear and plum tomatoes. We sprinkle cheese and spices on top and then it¡¯s to the oven until the edges of the crust have been baked to a golden brown.

Either way, thin or deep, you can enjoy the taste that has made pizza fans everywhere crave the pies Chicago has made famous.

Before you get to the finished product though is the key that no matter what crust you like best (yes- we also have double dough- like our thin crust a flat pizza- with ¡°double¡± the dough and a hand rolled edge) the dough must be fresh, ingredients must be fresh, the sauce must be fresh, and the cheese must be fresh. While some national chains proclaim ¡°fresher¡± ingredients, the reality is that ingredients are either fresh or they are not. And to take advantage of the all the fresh ingredients at Chicago¡¯s Finest the pizza is then cooked in a traditional chamber oven, allowing the pizza to cook slowly, and evenly.
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