One bite of our Chicago style dogs is the quickest trip from our home in Plano to the Windy City. The authentic taste is an instant vacation. Try one today and let the taste carry you away.
The Windy City Hot Dog

Description: 100% Vienna Beef Hot dog dressed in a poppy seed bun, mustard, relish, tomato, celery salt, sport pepper, onions, and pickle.
Available With: Sport Peppers, Pickles, Cheese, Tomatoes, and/or chili.

Presenting Our Outstanding Hot Dogs

The Lonely Dog 100% Vienna Beef in need of a loving home.
Windy City dressed for a night on the town- the picture is worth a thousand words-the taste is priceless.
New Yorker Spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut- it's an instant attitude adjustment.
Chili Dog chili, cheese, and onions- it's a home run for your tongue.

Available In: Regular and 1/4 pound

We cater parties, lunches and events. All meats are special ordered for taste and quality. We also carry all your favorite beverages and desserts.

Call 972.681.6500 and leave the cooking to us.

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